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About The Open Source Census

The Open Source Census is a global, collaborative project to collect and share quantitative data on the use of open source software in the enterprise. In short, that just means we want to count how many enterprise installations there are in the world for each open source package. We realize that’s pretty ambitious, but we figure you have to think big to get big results. Of course we know that we can’t count every single installation of every open source package in every company, but we can get a big enough sample to make it useful.


The primary goal of The Open Source Census is to promote the use of more open source software in the enterprise. We know that if we can show companies how much open source they and their peers are already using, they will feel comfortable using even more. The Open Source Census will also help the open source community and open source vendors to quantify their software footprint.

Why Traditional Surveys Don't Work for Open Source

We decided to create an automated software tool for scanning computer systems because we think it is more accurate and easier to accomplish. Traditional surveys are tedious and prone to error. In our work with enterprises, we find that because open source software is acquired through downloads instead of a purchasing process, most companies are off by 4X-10X in their estimations (we’re not just talking about Linux here).

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