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Why Contribute Scan Reports?

Whether you want to help advance the use of open source software in the enterprise, find out how much open source you're using, or compare your open source usage to similar organizations, contributing scan reports to The Open Source Census can help you get there.

Analyze Your Open Source Usage

Each participant that contributes scan reports to The Open Source Census can access an inventory of their own open source usage. Creating an accurate inventory is a starting point for your open source governance and compliance programs and will help you determine how to best support the open source packages you use.

Benchmark your Usage of Open Source Software

Open source software can provide significant cost savings while delivering high quality and robust functionality. By contributing scans to The Open Source Census, you will be able to benchmark yourself against companies of similar size in your industry and geography. You will be able to identify where you are behind or ahead of the adoption curve and uncover potential opportunities to use more open source software.

Help to Grow Open Source Software

Whether you are an end user of open source, an open source community member or an open source vendor, contributing data to The Open Source Census will help promote open source usage. By collecting and sharing market data, we can all help to support and grow the open source ecosystem.