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Best heat therapy with a massage chair


Many people use heat therapy to reduce pain, discomfort and alleviate stiffness. Applying heat to different muscles is commonly employed in sports medicine. Many manufacturers of recliners and massage chairs are integrating heating systems into their furniture. This gives us the soothing comfort of heat at the touch of a button.

Why the heat therapy?

There are various applications of heat therapy. One of the common properties of heat is that it dilates the blood vessels. When this dilation occurs, it will cause more oxygen and nutrients to flow through the muscles. Heat can also stimulate the many sensory receptors in the skin.

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heated therapy massage chair

Common uses:

Many sports medicine practitioners apply heat when working on soft tissues. Heat helps to assist in maintaining the flexibility especially during a massage. A massage can more deeply penetrate through the muscle tissue when it is heated. Heat helps to make the muscles more pliable and to relieve stiffness.

The application of heat is commonly used to enhance the circulatory system. By applying heat, it helps to enhance the ability of your blood to carry more oxygen. This helps to provide a surplus of energy and enhance the regeneration process of tissues within your body. This is especially beneficial for damaged tissue. However, it is important to check with your medical professional regarding the application of heat to specific areas. There is some downside risk for those with circulatory or heart problems and it is always best to check with a doctor before hand.

Many are finding pain relief by applying heat therapy. Heat will stimulate the sensory receptors of your skin. What it does is decrease the frequency and amount of pain signals. When you have pain, the signals are transmitted to your brain. If the signals are interrupted or decrease then the feelings of pain dramatically decrease. Heat reduces the transmission of these signals to the brain which reduces pain. However, you should really check with your medical profession before any new treatments or therapies are tried. If you have muscular or skeletal injuries then you may find heat will help you in a number of ways. The application of heat will decrease the transmission of pain signals while enhancing blood flow. Increase blood flow will help you to heal faster.


Many athletes prepare for practice or competition by warming up. This is an important ritual to increase the flexibility of the joints and muscles. A series of stretches is performed and possibly the application of heat to particular areas. All this is done to help reduce the chance of injury and increasing performance.

Many people enjoy the soothing comfort of heat therapy. It feels good to have heat applied to a particular area or for that matter your entire body. He provides you with a sense of comfort which gives you a more positive feeling of health and well-being.

Heat therapy has a number of important health benefits. It helps to relax your muscles which can speed up recovery from injuries. It also helps to improve the cardiovascular system and the circulatory system as well. It also helps to remove impurities from the body helping cells to function better.

Massage chair – the best way to get the treatment in the comfort of your home!

Many new technologies are available to apply heat. Heat can be applied by using stones. Many times warm stones are used in a massage therapy. The application of heat helps to induce relaxation which brings about a more effective massage treatment. Technologically advanced massage chairs continue to integrate different technologies into these recliners to provide heat therapy.

Many massage chair manufacturers are now starting to offer heat therapy and their recliners. Different types of therapeutic features continue to be added each year. Heat therapy is important for a variety of different reasons. Get the application of heat on demand with a massage chair.

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Weight loss

First signs of diabetes and how to spot them


Diabetes is a serious health issue for millions around the world. There are many people who are unaware of it. Diabetes is a very deceptive disease. Without any hint of diabetes you may suffer from it. It’s unidentification can lead to many types of complications. Diabetes is detected by some signs or symptoms. You may be curious by now to know, what are the first signs of diabetes?

The three categories of diabetes are Type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes, Type 2 that affects anyone and gestational diabetes which is found in pregnant ladies. Although each type has its unique set of symptoms and signs there are a few signs which identifies diabetes. Among the first signs is the urge to release urine frequently. It may be the first sign that says that your blood sugar levels are way too high. To balance the high blood sugar levels your body pulls body fluids. To remove the excess amount of water from your system regular urination occurs. You want to urinate regularly when you intake foods with high sugar content like soda and desserts.


Similarly, you may start to feel thirstier than you normally do. This happens with fast losing fluids. The water from the cells gets drawn out which results in the dehydration of the cells and send messages of thirst to the brain. To replace the released fluids you feel more thirsty. The capacity of food intake increases as the body is unable to use glucose as energy. You will feel hungry all the time. Diabetics suffering from the Type 1 variety will also notice that in spite of consumption of sufficient food there is unexplained weight loss. This is because the body is unable to use the energy and to satisfy the energy needs starts breaking down the fat and tissues.

If you are feeling tired more than normally then it may be the result of untransformation of energy where it is needed in the body. The body cells take energy from sugar for movement of muscles and to do daily operations. Diabetes or even pre-diabetes condition can make you worn-down of energy. Feeling of tiredness and fatigue occurs. Some of you may also feel drowsy and sleepy at any time of the day.


Blurred vision, itchy skin etc are physical and neurological problems occurred due to diabetes. You may also detect other early symptoms of diabetes such as delayed healing of bruises and cuts. As the immune system is affected by diabetes this occurs. Similarly itchiness increases and dryness of skin appears. Blurred vision is also a indication of diabetes as it causes muscular deterioration. Extra amount of glucose in the blood also causes a tingling sensation or numbness of the extremities. The recognition of neurological signs are very late with the progression of diabetes.

If you notice any of these first symptoms of diabetes then to confirm whether you are suffering from it you must immediately consult a doctor. With the help of a simple test you can identify diabetes. Timely treatment will help you to bring it under control and stay healthier.

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Weight loss

The importance of hydrating while dieting


Water accounts for approximately 70% of our body mass. It might be that you’ve already known some advantages of water on our body, such as to avoid dehydration, regulates body temperature, aids in constipation and so on. What you might not have known is that water also helps you to lose weight, by increasing our body’s metabolism.

How does this work? We normally lose weight when our liver converts stored fats into energy and the intake of water speeds up this process. Drinking water also helps the kidney to remove wastes when you’re on a diet, or more specifically when your body breaks down body fat, wastes are produced, which are later removed by your kidney.


Drinking enough water is important to keep the kidneys functioning to remove these wastes. A study in Berlin proved that by drinking 8 glasses of water everyday, you will be able to burn out your calories more quickly than usual. This studied showed that by drinking an extra of 2 liters of water, an extra 100-calorie would be burnt a day. Also, you should drink water more than any other beverage (such as soda and coffee) as it also can help you to significantly reduce your body weight.

However, if you’re drinking too much water, and eating too little, salts in your body tissues will be diluted and it can possibly lead to heart attack or even death. Health experts therefore advice you not to take an extra gallon of water a day, but rather a few additional glasses to aid in losing weight. A good indicator of how much water you should take can be reflected in the colour of your urine which typically tells you if your body lacks of water.

Thus, with healthy and clean water as well as adequate amount of water intake, your body can not only function at its optimum level, but also helps you burn some calories along the way.

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Do you really need dental implants?


Dental implants provide those in need with a restoration alternative to dentures and bridges. Implants can also improve oral health, as empty tooth sockets can cause bone and gum to deteriorate over time. The following information highlights the qualities that make for a good dental implant candidate.


Individuals with Tooth Loss
Dental implants replace natural teeth that have been lost as a result of injury or illness. Have you had a tooth knocked out? Has your periodontal disease led to tooth loss? You might be a candidate for dental implants. These devices can mimic both the look and function of your teeth. Whether you have lost one or a half-dozen teeth, you can still enjoy a dazzling smile with dental implants.

Individuals with Healthy Bone
To provide the same clinical and aesthetic benefits as natural teeth, dental implants must fuse securely to the underlying bone. Before you undergo this procedure, your dentist can ascertain whether your jawbone is resilient enough to undergo the steps needed to perform dental implant surgery. If you have deteriorated bone tissue, your dentist may be able to graft bone to the area for a stronger base.

Individuals with Good Oral Hygiene
No matter how you suffered tooth loss, you can always make a change for better oral health. If periodontal disease contributed to your missing teeth, you were likely practicing insufficient hygiene habits. Though dental implants are not natural teeth, they still demand that you brush and floss as you would real teeth. To ensure that your dental implants can provide you with a healthy smile for years to come, you need to keep the surrounding gums and natural teeth as clean as possible. If you decide to get dental implants, committing yourself to diligent hygiene practices is very important.

If you still don’t know whether the dental implants are a solution for you, check out some of the links below:

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A dry socket, what is that?


We have been asked this by patients numerous time, so here’s everything that you need to know about dry sockets, their causes and treatments.

If you have undergone tooth extraction at some point in the past, you may have also experienced dry socket. When a tooth requires extraction for any reason, the space left by its absence may take some time to heal. Dentists often perform extractions to remove wisdom teeth or severely damaged teeth. In either situation, dry socket can occur. The following is an overview of why this condition develops, how to recognize its symptoms, and what a dentist can do to remedy it.


Reasons for Dry Socket
Tooth extraction causes a minor wound in the gum tissue. As with other types of wounds, the body creates a blood clot to facilitate recovery. This clot also creates a barrier between underlying tissues and open air. Abrasion, such as that from brushing or eating, can loosen the clot. If the clot is completely removed from the socket, the still-healing tissues have no protection.

Signs of Dry Socket
A tooth extraction can cause initial discomfort. This pain can be difficult to differentiate from dry socket. Most dentists recommend that patients come back for an evaluation if pain disappears and then returns to the extraction site. Rather than residual discomfort from the extraction, the pain is likely an indication of dry socket. This condition can also make individuals highly sensitive to the consumption of hot and cold foods. If drinking a glass of ice water or eating a bowl of soup is painful, consult your dentist.

Dry Socket Treatment
Your dentist may first inspect the extraction site to verify that it isn’t suffering from another condition, such as an infection or laceration. After thoroughly cleaning the socket, your dentist may then insert a protective medication that can heal the wound and prevent it from coming into contact with any substance that may cause further harm.

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Foods that will certainly stain your teeth

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Some of the most delicious foods are also the ones that can discolor your teeth. Though having healthy teeth is of primary importance, enjoying a bright smile also ranks high on people’s list of dental needs. Dentists stress that certain foods can lead to the buildup of yellowed or grayish teeth over time. If your smile is not as bright as you would like, talk to your dentist. An in-office teeth whitening procedure typically takes less than an hour to complete and is painless.


Sweet Treats
Do you habitually suck on hard candies at home or work? Any brightly colored candy has the potential to discolor your smile. To determine whether your sweet of choice is negatively affecting your teeth, look in the mirror; residue on your tongue means there is residue on your teeth.

Your dentist isn’t likely to tell you to stop eating blueberries. After all, this fruit contains important vitamins and antioxidants that can help you stay healthy and strong. Despite the ample wellness benefits that blueberries can provide, they can still stain your teeth. To help reduce this side effect, brush your teeth after enjoying a serving of blueberries. If you don’t have immediate access to your toothbrush, swishing water in your mouth can lessen the discoloration that this fruit often produces.


Tomato Sauce
While a popular accompaniment to pasta and pizza, tomato sauce can also lead to tooth discoloration. Tomato sauce is a common culprit, but it’s hardly the only kind of sauce that can stain your teeth. Any dark-colored sauce has the potential to discolor your teeth. If you frequently eat your meals with sauces, be aware that they can make your teeth look dull.

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